Revival Full Set


Perfect to relieve thirsty, dry, and dehydrated skin, this revival set provides long-lasting hydration, calms redness while gently renewing by taking away those flaky dry skin cells, revealing new hydrated and glowing skin.

This set comprises of:

  • 50ml Self Foaming Protein Cleanser
  • 100ml Clarifying Toning Lotion
  • 30ml Botanic Bio Placenta Serum
  • 20ml Ultra Moisturising Cream

Suitable for normal to dry skin, dehydrated, sensitive skin, or whenever your skin needs a rescue. This set can last 4-6 weeks with normal twice daily usage

This set is packaged with recyclable plastic containers, please recycle the empty container and boxes to help sustain the environment for future generations. Please visit our blog on how to recycle the packaging HERE

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