Advanced Treatment Essence


For the first time, OLUMES harnessed the power of organic anions and minerals to boost skin oxygen. This increased oxygenation process stimulates cell metabolism, leading to brighter, more vibrant skin.

OLUMES presents an unparalleled radiance with the Advanced Treatment Essence. Supercharged with advanced mineral anions,10 types of peptides, superior hyaluronic acid, and powerful plant extract, it enhances skin’s capacity to reflect light, boost skin oxygen and hydration while improving signs of ageing.

Skin Benefits:
*Energises dull looking skin
*Supercharged skin hydration
*Improves the skin brightness and radiance
*Diminish appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Oxygenation of the skin boosted:
+14% after 30 minutes*

Skin brightness enhancement up to:
+ 21% after 15 days*
+ 30% after 30 days*

Skin roughness and wrinkles:
– 21% decrease in roughness after 15 days*
– 38% decrease in roughness after 30 days*

Hydration level:
+60% after 1 hour*

*testing on ingredients

Key Ingredients:
*10 types of peptides including rare and powerful peptides for anti ageing benefits
*Organic anions and minerals to stimulates skin tissue and increase oxygenation
*Plant extract and protein for unparalleled brightening effects
*Superior hyaluronic acid provides immediate hydration and strengthens the protective skin barrier by building a protecting film.

Experience a skin transformation like no other, as this advanced treatment essence breathes new life into your skin, redefining the essence of skincare.

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