our story

Aerin working on R&D project

At the heart of OLUMES is a story of beauty and heritage, of the lush rainforests and clear seas of Borneo. It’s a story inspired by a land rich in biodiversity, where ancient wisdom and natural wonder intermingle.

Our founder,  Aerin – a cosmetic chemist, found her inspiration in the time-honoured remedies of her homeland. These powerful botanical and marine extracts, safeguarded by the wise elders, encapsulated the rhythm of nature and the harmony of life that is intrinsic to Borneo.

Growing up in Borneo, Aerin was immersed in a culture where beauty and nature were inherently intertwined. She watched the wise elders use potent botanicals, treasures of the rainforests and seas, to maintain their timeless beauty. These early impressions left a profound mark, sparking a lifelong passion for skincare that is reflected in every OLUMES product.

Our award winning products

The essence of this tale is captured in the name OLUMES, meaning ‘beautiful’ in the Kadazan-Dusun language. It’s an homage to her mother’s heritage and a testament to the majestic beauty of Borneo.

Our products, in honouring this legacy, bring forth the essence of Borneo’s unique biodiversity. Each ingredient, sourced with respect and sustainability in mind, ensures that we give back to this rich ecosystem even as we draw from it. We proudly uphold the principles of vegan beauty, using only plant-based and sea-derived ingredients, embodying the harmony that Borneo’s nature inspires.

OLUMES is more than a skincare brand. It’s a magical narrative, a gentle dance between mankind and nature, and a celebration of inherent beauty. We invite you to journey with us, to experience the wonder of OLUMES, and to reveal your radiant, natural beauty, nourished by the heart of Borneo’s forests and seas.”