This Beauty Brand Uses “Kalalit” From Mt. Kinabalu & Sells Its Products For Up To RM300 (October 2020)

Aerin Gabor was paying a visit to her Kadazan-Dusun grandparents who live in the foothills of Mount Kinabalu.

There, she noticed that her elderly grandmother, aunts, and mother had clear, flawless skin.

That made her curious as to what their skincare regimens were.

Aerin herself struggled with getting rid of adult acne and redness from trying out too many fragrant beauty products.

Relatives told her that the secret lies in a Kalalit tree, native to the Southeast Asian region.

“Old wives’ tales from Kadazan-Dusun elders believe that a few splashes of Kalalit water onto the face was the revitalising touch that helped their complexions appear flawless,” she said.

So she tried applying the Kalalit water onto her face every day. To her surprise, her multi-problem skin got better after a week.