Purging is when the skin develops red spots or pimples after using a new skin care product in just a few days.

There are 3 factors that contribute to breakouts when using new products :

  1. It just so happens that you try a new product and at the same time the female monthly cycle hormones also occur which contribute to the breakout.
  2. Your pores are too congested and the use of products that have AHA & BHA will speed up the removal of dirt deep in these pores, pushing them up to the surface of the skin faster and causing pimples to rise in the area. This is normal, because these clogged pores, if not removed or cleaned by AHA & BHA, will sooner or later turn into acne too. The skin will be clean and acne-free after all the pores are clean.
  3. Incompatible product combinations. Most breakouts occur when using a new product and adding it into a routine with other products. If you use several products and use them all at the same time, try using them at different times or try to switch to products with a lighter texture and easy to layer (switch from cream to lotion or gel) so that you can identify the source of the problem.

As a conclusion :

Depending on your results, you can stop using the product or just continue until the skin is fully healed.