Toner, should I skip it?

Have you ever experienced the time when you hit puberty and acne basically conquered your face? No? Well, I have. I remember my mother giving me this bottle of lemon scented toner to put all over my face to dry those pesky acnes out. Well, it did more than just that. It pretty much sucked all the moisture out of my face just like a vacuum cleaner would with a dusty floor.

This “water” has received a bad reputation in the past for being too astringent and incredibly drying. I mean, it kind of looks like water, and it even sort of feels like water. But it’s nothing like just putting water onto your skin. 

The reason why the toners of our youth stripped our skin off of moisture is due to the high levels of alcohol in them. Thankfully, toners of today aren’t like toners of the old. Modern toners are formulated to be gentler and hydrating to the skin.

So, should you skip it? We’ll get back to that later. Let’s first get into what it is that toner actually does for our skin.

So, what does it do?

Toner is a powerful tool. No, not the toner you use for printers. We’re talking about facial toners here. The purpose of a toner is to gently rejuvenate your skin without depriving it of its natural moisture. As a result, toner won’t irritate or overly dry out delicate skin. Here’s a list of the major benefits of using toners.

Balances pH levels

Your facial skin should have a pH of around 5.5. Pollution and other external causes throw off the skin’s natural oil balance, making it appear dull and unhealthy. Even though the pH of your skin can return to normal in a matter of hours, you can quickly restore balance by using a toner. With the use of a proper face toner, you can control the pH balance of your skin, which is the first step in maintaining healthy skin.

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Protects your skin and gets rid of impurities

Your skin is exposed to a variety of harmful gases and other air pollutants on a regular basis. In a hot and humid country like Malaysia, for instance, sweat has a negative impact on the skin which causes breakouts. Sunblock exacerbates the problem because it is heavy on the skin. When combined with sweat and used for an extended period of time without being properly removed, it will clog pores. Likewise, the tap water you use to wash your face contains certain contaminants. Your skin may become dry from the chemicals and minerals in the water. 

A toner can save your skin in this situation. After cleansing your skin, it aids in removing any remaining filths, pollution, or pollutants and closes pores by tightening them. Consequently, it decreases the likelihood of contaminants entering the skin.

Preps your skin for the next step

A toner also gets your pores ready for increased nutrition absorption. Whatever product you use to finish your skincare routine after a toner, such as a face serum, or moisturiser, makes the skin more receptive and improves outcomes. Therefore, never omit this step especially before bed! You can read more about whether a nighttime skincare is necessary here. 

Helps with aging skin

When discussing the importance of toner for skin, one of the incredible advantages of this skin product is its anti-aging characteristics. The complex ingredients in today’s toners, including antioxidants, vitamins, acids, and essential oils, assist hydrate and repair skin tissues, speed up cell regeneration, increase hydration, nourish the skin, and retain its youthfulness. 

The Refining Lotion is exactly the toner you need to achieve a younger-looking complexion and enviable glow.

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Controls oil and tackles acne

If you have oily skin, using a toner for oily skin is essential since it regulates sebum or oil secretion and reduces the likelihood of dirt buildup and pore clogging. As long as your skin is clear and clean, it also helps to avoid acne.

If you want to clear breakouts, decongested pores, curb excess sebum and smooth bumpy skin, you should try out the Clarifying Toning Lotion.

How and when to use toner?

Since toner helps in preparing your skin to absorb your other skincare products better, you should use a toner after cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser like the Self Foaming Protein Cleanser. 

To apply, just dampen a cotton pad or a cotton ball with your toner before sweeping it across your entire face, neck, and chest. You can also apply toner to the palms of your hands and press them against your face if you want to go green and go without the cotton pad.

You should use toner if…

  • You have large pores
  • You have mature aging skin
  • You have sensitive skin
  • You have dry skin
  • You have acne-prone or oily skin
  • You have dull skin
  • You have combination skin

That means, anyone who has skin, regardless of whether they have oily, dry, or anywhere in between, can benefit from using a toner.

To skip or not to skip?

Now that you are aware of how essential toner is for a healthy and radiant skin, I think you get the gist by now that you should probably stick to having toner as part of your skincare routine and not skip it.


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