Now more potent than ever!


Infused with the highest concentration of kalalit extract* OLUMES The Satin Cream refines skin texture, visibly brightens, softens the look of wrinkles, shrinks the look of pores, rejuvenates and boosts skin elasticity for a redefined, youthful effect.

Skin immediately looks**: 

  • More moisturised: 88%
  • Smoother: 93%
  • More radiant: 80%

After 2 weeks, skin appears***:

  • Brighter: 78%
  • Smaller pores: 89%
  • Healthier : 94%

After 4 weeks, skin appears****:

  • Younger: 83%
  • Firmer: 97%
  • Lesser wrinkle: 80%

* In OLUMES range **Self-assessment completed by 40 women **Self-assessment completed by 37 women ****Self-assessment completed by 35 women

24 + 1 Powerful Plant Extracts

This multi-tasking moisturising cream combines 24 powerful anti ageing botanical extracts, plus Kalalit extract, acclaimed by the Kadazan-Dusun people for its ability to visibly soothe irritated and inflamed skin.

Exceptional Sensory

In OLUMES, it takes years to develop a product. Not only to make sure it is efficacious, but also to assign a unique sensory profile to it.

This advanced Satin Cream feels like a satin veil on the skin. Ultra comfortable without greasiness, featherlight but intensely delivering the benefits.

Eco-Friendly Powerhouse

Housed in a recyclable glass jar, this Satin Cream is formulated with 92% natural-origin ingredients that delivers exceptional comfort to the skin.

Stress, free-radicals, uv-rays and pollution can contribute to premature skin ageing. Infused with the highest concentration with Kalalit extract and harmoniously blended with potent antioxidants alongside 24 types of botanical extract, this upgraded Satin Cream is the multifunctional-powerhouse you need to fight daily skin aggressor.

Now ensconced within a recyclable glass jar, this fragrance-free satiny cream visibly strengthens and brightens skin, minimising the look of pores, fine lines and wrinkles while refining the appearance of uneven skin tone and texture. 

With each application of this dreamy, unique and fast absorbing texture, your satin skin will embark on a luxurious journey towards rejuvenation and radiance.