Save The Rainforest Movement

At OLUMES, we believe that we not only play the part of bettering complexions but to also better the treatment of our planet too. With our Save The Rainforest Movement, we want to use our platform as a tool to educate our society on the importance of preserving and nurturing our magnificent rainforests.

Tropical rainforests house over 30 million plant and animal species, and they all play an important role in the lifecycle that keeps Earth healthy.

Such a crucial puzzle piece in keeping our climate balanced, our rainforests act like a huge sponge that takes in water from the forest floor and releases it back into the atmosphere to form clouds and mist. Without the trees in the rainforests continuing this pivotal cycle, our rivers, lakes, and irrigation systems will all be affected – also triggering the likelihood of droughts in the area as well.

OLUMES Save The Rainforest Initiative

Keeping trees inside the rainforest is extremely critical when it comes to protecting soil nutrients and preventing soil erosion too. As most nutrients found in rainforests are stored in the trees itself, once a tree dies and its trunk falls to the forest floor, it decomposes, and its nutrients are then dispersed and recycled to help the rest of the forest.

However, if the trees are prematurely removed, then the rainforest loses it dose of nutrients, leaving the soil unprotected, which then increases the risk of soil erosion as well as all the good minerals to be washed away. The literal ‘lungs of the world’, rainforests provide just about 20% of the earth’s oxygen – without them, we’d just might run out of air to breathe.

It is no surprise that the rainforest is absolutely brimming with impeccable healing elements – did you know that more than 25% of modern medicine originated from tropical forest plants. As we also incorporate powerful botanical ingredients found in the Bornean rainforests to craft our products, we believe it is important to support and protect Nature’s pharmacy at all costs.

With this campaign, it directly allows us to take care of our beloved rainforest as a portion of each sale of our products will be donated to a conservation fund that helps to protect and safeguard our rainforests.