Let’s talk about PAO!

Have you ever noticed those tiny “opened jar” symbols on your skincare products but weren’t sure what those meant? Well, read on as we lift the lid off of those jars!

What is it?

Those “opened jar” symbols symbolise the PAO. No, we’re not talking about steamed buns here, although that does sound yummy right about now. PAO actually stands for the period after opening, which indicates how long we can safely continue using a product after opening it for the first time

Different products will have different PAO. For instance, if the number written on the “opened jar” symbol is 12M, you should probably throw it out after 12 months after you’ve first opened it. Yes, even if it’s not finished yet. That’s because after the stated PAO, the effectiveness and safety of the products can no longer be guaranteed by the brand.

PAO vs Expiration Date

What are the differences between expiration date and PAO? “Aren’t they the same thing?” Nope, they are two different things. The expiration date is the shelf life of a product in its unopened container when kept under the storage conditions as indicated on the product label. 

The expiration date can usually be found on the product’s packaging with the label EXP MONTH/YEAR.

How to care for your products

Do you know that the location where you store your skincare products can affect the PAO? Here are some tips on how to ensure the safety and efficacy of the products within the stipulated PAO:

  • Label the product when you first open them! You can use a marker pen to write the date so you’ll know when you should toss them out.
  • Always close the lids after use. This would help prevent the product from oxidising and changing textures.
  • Avoid exposing the products to sunlight and heat sources. So try to keep them away from windows.
  • Always follow the storage directions as indicated on the label.
  • Use clean hands! Or better yet, a small applicator to scoop products out from jars to avoid contaminating the product with dirty hands.

With these tips, hopefully you’ll be able to get the most out of your products.

Now you know what those “opened jar” symbols mean, go and check if there’s any product of yours that needs purging. Are they close to their PAO dates? Need something to replace them? Checkout some of these items by OLUMES!

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