We are Cold Process!

The recent Global Energy Crisis really opened our eyes on energy consumption and the effect on our planet. producing energy is expensive and often not sustainable. Crude oil and charcoal used to produce energy is getting limited everyday, and the cost to mine and get it is produced is contributing to global warming. Not to mention using Nuclear to power up our planet!


we always believe in product effectiveness and sustainability. Thus, recently we have decided that we want all our products to use cold processing methods. Our goal is to be 100% cold process skincare products by 2025.

What is a cold processing method?

Cold processing method, like its name – does not involve any heat at all. Means some of our cream, lotion, serum and cleanser are produced without involving any heat in its process.

Unlike producing some creams or lipstick, heat was introduced to melt waxes and oil, mix them with water and then cool down to room temperature for it to become the final product.

How OLUMES benefited from this cold process method?

Many active ingredients, like vitamins, botanical extract and proteins are sensitive to heat. Heat will cause these active ingredients to break down and lose their effectiveness. 

When these active ingredients are processed using a cold method, it can preserve its effectiveness and the end product is more effective.


It’s no doubt that by switching to a cold process production method, our end product will be more effective in delivering results, while helping mother earth to be greener, and more sustainable to the future generation.